Kitchen Reno: weeks 9-10

We’re back in action folks! Lots to share and as you can see- it’s almost coming to an end….minus the painting. Anyways- the photos will speak for themselves! Enjoy!!

Here’s Jim (our contractor) installing the framing for the soffit! Yay soffit!!!

hmmm…. I don’t think he wanted to be “documented”..oh well…”smile Carlos”!

Soffit, lights, and sheet rock: check.

Next up: Drywall.

Voila! we have FLAT walls!!! ….(and as you can see “baby” is still in the corner…waiting to be sold).

Trim, panels, and ceiling!!!! Originally we were going to add those cool tin ceiling tiles…but to keep things simple and my husband sane, we went with the cedar planks. The kitchen smells like a hamster cage but I think it looks pretty cool! 🙂

Notice the “glow” effect in the soffit! We had Jim install rope lighting on a dimmer…inspired by my parents’ kitchen! Thanks Mom&Dad! 😉 Also big thanks to my cuz Kevin for all the pre-wiring!!


So that’s all for now! Oh and if you were wondering…we finally found “baby” a home!  😀


Kitchen Reno: weeks 6-8

Howdy folks! Not much new to report with our contractor off-site for the last few weeks. However, WE did install all doors & drawers! Ok…almost all if you don’t count the one under the sink – which is Ikea’s fault for giving us the wrong color!!.

The man of the hour year installing new doors! Go Mark! 🙂

Paint test on the left- “Blue Tequila” (in honor of my cousin Kevin)…any takers?

Our poor old stove has a” timeout” in the corner… until we can sell the bastard.

MacGyver’s  personal “cat-walk”….for now 😉 …And yes, it’s snowing outside!

Coming soon (hopefully): Ceiling, soffit, and lighting!

Kitchen Reno: weeks 4-5

Howdy folks! Sorry I’ve been slacking a bit on the posts…I’ve been a little under the weather the last few days (I’ll just blame it on Ikea- guessing I caught a bug during one our MANY trips to #$@% Ikea over the last couple weeks!).

So we found out the hard way that the double hung drawers were supposed to be installed BEFORE the counter…so we’ll have to get creative with that situation. Hopefully our contractor will figure something out…fingers crossed. Another snag was our farmhouse sink was apparently defective and sadly cracked after installation. It’s debatable who’s fault that was…luckily, we were able to return it and get a replacement.

Now don’t get me wrong, Ikea can be great…but when it comes to cabinets, sinks, drawers, and the “joy” of kitchen DIY- I curse the little smiling bastard in the “instruction” manual! So, despite some expected issues along the way, things are definitely coming along!

Also, thanks to my cousin Kevin (who was here last week) we have all our appliances working and plugged into new outlets (that are up to code)!! Whoohoo! He was also kind enough to give us not one, but FOUR double outlets for all our small appliances!! This was no small feat considering our exterior wall is composed of plaster, cement, and brick. He was able to cut into the wall and place them IN the wall so we don’t have them mounted ON the wall! Thanks Kev!! You rock!!

I know you are all on the edge of your seats anxiously awaiting the photos…(ok…most likely not. 🙂 Anyways, here they are!:

Kevin measuring for the new outlets!

Counters and appliances are in!!! (temporary string lights until lighting is installed next month).

Mark showing off the end result of his skills! (NO pre-drilled drawer fronts here- good thing Mark has patience).

So for the next few weeks things will slow down a bit since our contractor won’t be back again until December. In the meantime, Mark and I will be finalizing the remaining drawers, door fronts. etc. and also start planning out our back-splash and paint colors!! -AY

Kitchen Reno: week 3

Ok- so things have been pretty busy to say the least…after numerous trips to Ikea, Home Depot, Lowes etc. Mark and I are pretty beat. Needless to say- we know this will all be worth it in the end…So here’s what happened during “week 3″…

Counters in! (photo is a little blurry- I think I was so excited I couldn’t hold the camera still 😉 ).

Macgyver seemed pretty fond of our new sink…

Looks pretty- huh? (too bad it cracked and we had to replace it this week…more on that in “week 4’s” post).

My parents were here visiting during the weekend and they were more than willing to help assemble the drawers!! ( Thanks Mom & Dad!!!) We put together roughly fifteen (about half).

While we worked on the drawers, Mark installed the runners!

Here’s a sample of his handywork 😉

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween folks!! We’ve got beautiful Fall weather here today in Grapevine, so it should be perfect for all the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood tonight.

We’re embracing the Halloween spirit around here and thought I’d share some of our decorations! First up, a pile of gourds and pumpkins picked up at a local pumpkin patch. The hubby likes to take charge in this area and set up the “display”.

 He was feeling super festive last week and picked up this flag too. My mom is so proud.

And here is the pumpkin I carved last night…it’s an owl. Hope it looks good all lit up tonight!  If you can’t tell, we’ve got a thing for owls around here – or rather my hubby does.

Next up…the front door. I got a little crafty and made this feather boa wreath. Thanks for the inspiration Alisa!

Just like last year, we put up our creepy crawler spiders all over the house. I think they look pretty cool climbing up the light over our kitchen table.

Some more gourds and mini pumpkins, along with the spider web runner, make our table pretty festive. 🙂

I also made some yummy cupcakes for J to bring into work. Chocolate with cream cheese frosting – delish!

And now for the good stuff…the pups. I know, I know, a lot of people think it’s just mean to dress up your pets, but c’mon it’s all in good fun. It’s just one day! Plus they love it – ummm yeah. BUT they were good sports and let mommy take some pictures, (while trying to control my laughter). Ok, that sounds mean…laughing because they are so cute! 😉 Enjoy our little pumpkin Lolo and ferocious bull Brutus – complete with cowboy! Yee-haw!

Brutus was SUPER excited to have daddy dress him up, can’t you tell 😉

Lolo is too sweet for the bull horns – her pumpkin getup was more her 🙂

Ready to rumble!

It’s on!

Happy Halloween from Lolo and Brutus!!  — DP

Kitchen Reno: week 2

Week two has come and gone- and I wasn’t here for any of it (I was at a conference for work). In my absence, Mark (my husband) took the photos below.  It’s getting exciting!! We can definitely visualize the layout and space much better now.

Chaos…fridge is pulled out to the middle of the room. Plastic sheeting to contain dust.

Ripped up wall from demo. You can see the old plaster and boards…and about ten different “choice” layers of wall paper.

Lower cabinets are in! (almost all). More to come soon…

Mr. Hutton, tear down that wall!! – Kitchen Reno: week 1

Week 1 of our kitchen demo/ reno has begun! After almost 2 long years of orange laminate counters and 30 year old particle board cabinets-  we are FINALLY on our way to a functional kitchen!!!

So what’s first on the list you ask? TEAR DOWN THAT WALL! (oh Mr. Hutton is our contractor if you haven’t guessed already). Not as exciting as the Berlin Wall – but as you will see below- it’s “almost” just as glorious. OK maybe not…

This is the BEFORE kitchen.

Cabinets OFF- phase 1!

You can’t see it here because there’s old laminate covering the wood- but the floors are intact! We were worried the wood wouldn’t continue under the old cabinets…but we got lucky! Phew!

Wall Demo begins!

Wall is DOWN!! and the aftermath….

We put the old cabinets out by dumpster…hoping someone will take them…I mean WHO wouldn’t want these beauties?!

Here’s the view from the living room! It’s amazing how much brighter and larger the space feels! We can’t wait to see it all come together!!

…and the view from the kitchen.

SO there you have it folks! In the’s our temporary kitchen- stocked with the essentials…coffee, wine, and gin 😉

Stay tuned for week 2! -AY

Ikea Kitchen…here we come!!

So FINALLY Ikea has opened up in Denver and Mark and I couldn’t be more excited! Just in time for a kitchen reno!! Since we currently have a 1970’s dysfunctional kitchen- we bit the bullet and went to Ikea last weekend with our plans in hand. Knowing that it was the LAST day of their major kitchen sale (we got 20% back- which erased the cost of the oven, stove, hood)- we had to do it. So… FIVE hours later…we placed our order and next week we’ll have 127 (!!!) boxes delivered to the house. Yeah…we have to put ALL of it together..that “money saving tip” will be put to the test…we’ll see how it pans out…

Anyways- we have plans to start the reno late September/ early October depending on our contractors schedule.

In the meantime- here are the plans we came up with using Ikea’s (frustrating) software:

Currently there is a wall that separates the kitchen from the eating area- as you can see in the above renderings we are taking that out for an open floor plan. Also to note: we are going to have open shelving on the wall where the stove is and also shelving on the exposed sides of the cabinets.

Here’s the cabinet style we chose (“Ramsjo”- solid wood- in white):

Butcher block countertop (birch):
Farmhouse Sink- “Domsjo”:

Faucet  -“Elverdam”:

Pulls -“Grej”:
Knobs -“Fintorp”:
Oven -“Datid”:
Cooktop -“Datid”:
Hood “Luftig”:


No formal dining here

The hubby and I are sadly more of a eat dinner in front of the TV couple, or sometimes at our kitchen table…casual dining is the theme here. The “dining room” in our house is quite small and we both agreed we’d rather turn the room into something useful instead of creating a formal dining space that would never see a fancy meal. After bouncing around a few ideas we decided to make it a hang out – slash – extra guest room. When my family was in town awhile back my parents got our bedroom and Mr. & Mrs. Bunches got our guest room, so Josh and I were sofa city baby. Our third bedroom is the “man cave” and our living room sectional is not a sleeper sofa, so those few nights were quite uncomfortable.

For a long time the “dining room” was a dumping zone while we unpacked, became wedding headquarters for a bit, and just overall a mess. Recently we decided to get our act in gear and make it something cozy so it was no longer an eye sore. We knew we wanted a sleeper sofa or futon so we could have that extra bed for when guests were in town. I found this futon couch that I loved, but didn’t love the price so much ($500 + for the frame AND mattress). In seeking out an inexpensive alternative, off to IKEA we went.  IKEA never disappoints. We found this guy with a much better price tag. Granted it’s not as pretty as the West Elm one, but it would do the trick and for a decent price.

In addition to the futon we figured a chair would be nice a nice touch. Nothing caught our eye at IKEA so we looked around a few other places until we found this one at World Market (and I think we got it on sale because I don’t remember spending that much). SOLD. We also wanted a side table for next to the futon and spotted this. SOLD. World Market rules. I already had a cabinet from C&B where I store my fancy platters, dishes, and vases, so that would fit nicely in the room as well. We also picked up a little TV since our “guests” may want to watch a movie while they relax on the futon.

So with all the main items on hand we set er’ up. Here’s the before shot (taken before we moved in). I had to take down that light fixture since it wouldn’t exactly work for our new plan. I sold it on Craigslist for $50 bucks, score!

And now, the after shots:

Overview shot with Mr. Brutus modeling for scale.

Left side with futon couch. All the pillows I’ve collected over time, from HomeGoods, World Market, PB Outlet, etc. I know it’s a little pillow heavy, but I like it 🙂 I’m thinking about painting this wall a bold color to give the room some pop, and then make it a gallery wall with photos, artwork, etc. Thoughts?

Cute chair 🙂

Other side of room…

Not too bad right? We like it. Another idea I’ve been bouncing around is to hang big velvet curtains to create a cozy look, and also to close off the room if we do have guests staying in there. Here’s a shot from the front door entryway so you can see what it looks like from a distance.


And this is the look I like courtesy of PB. Pretty right? I wish curtains weren’t so expensive 😦  Well, something to think about anyway. — DP