Merry Christmas!!!

The hubby and I are in good ol’ Mass visiting my family for the holidays. As J says….we’re in Baaaaaaahhhhhhhston (in his terrible, but endearing, attempt to speak with a Boston accent).

I just wanted to send a quick note to our family and friends who read our blog (all 5 of you maybe?)…I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter ūüôā Cheers to all of you!!!


And yes, you read that sign right. Our little ol’ town of Grapevine has been given the title of “The Christmas Capital of Texas”. No joke.

I’ll prove it to you next week with some photos of Main Street in all it’s glory. ¬†Happy Holidays!!!! –DP

Happy Birthday Sabrina!

Today is my very special¬†mother-in-law’s birthday – happy birthday Sabrina!! I¬†hope¬†that you¬†have a wonderful birthday, and know that your family loves you very much!! Cheers to you!¬† xoxo

The other kitchen.

We’ve all been watching Punk’s kitchen renovation with eager anticipation week to week, so on the same topic I thought I’d finally share some photos of my kitchen facelift.

My sister, Mrs. Bunches, had the pleasure of¬†visiting Texas¬†back in September (yes I realize I’m very late on posting this project).¬†I’d like to think her¬†sole purpose was to hang out with her awesome sister, but she had¬†other objectives. Since we¬†moved into our house over a year¬†ago she’s been¬†DYING to paint our kitchen cabinets.¬†As¬†you can see from the before shots below, the oak cabinets are¬†a shiny orangey eye sore. Just not my taste (or more importantly it seems, my sister’s)!

That’s some shine!

Initially we planned to use Rust-Oleum’s cabinet kit for the project, but after some serious googling we discovered it wouldn’t be best for the final look we were going for – crisp, clean, white cabinets. We’d have to do this the old fashioned way – sanding, priming, and painting. Thank goodness my sis was in town for a few days – because it was quite an undertaking.

Now she documented the whole project on her website, so I’m not going to bother with the play-by-play, for that you can read all about it here. Let’s just say it was a lot of sanding, then priming, then painting,¬†more painting, and even more painting,¬†with some trips to Lowe’s and the paint store thrown in. Since we didn’t have all the new cabinet hardware on hand before she left she didn’t get to see the completed project. So here you go sis – all our hard work really paid off – we love it!!¬† And to top it off we recently purchased a new dishwasher, microwave and oven, so we have a shiny new kitchen!!

Check out the process and the “after” pics! Oh, and Brutus supervised the entire project – he’s gotta be in the middle of everything.

Sanded and ready for priming.

Our living room looked like this for two days. It was too hot and humid to leave the doors and drawers outside to dry.

Time to put the doors back on…

Handy tool for marking spots to drill holes, for the new hardware.

They’re done!!!!

And here’s the AFTER after photos, with our new appliances!

One day I’d like to replace the countertops and add a backsplash. I may have to bribe my sister¬†for another visit! ¬†— DP

Happy Birthday Mrs. Bunches!!!

That’s right, the famous Mrs. Bunches turns another year older today!!!!

Two thumbs up for birthdays!!!

Oh yea, party time!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday day dear Mrs. Buuuuuunnnnnnccccccchhhhhhheeeeesssssss
Happy birthday to you!!!!

Hope you have a great birthday sis, I know this will be your best year yet!!! Thanks for being the bestest sister EVER! ūüôā¬† xoxo Doodles

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween folks!! We’ve got beautiful Fall weather here today¬†in Grapevine, so it should be perfect for all the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood tonight.

We’re embracing the Halloween spirit around here¬†and thought I’d share some of our decorations! First up, a pile of gourds and pumpkins picked up at a local pumpkin patch. The hubby likes to take charge in this area and set up the “display”.

 He was feeling super festive last week and picked up this flag too. My mom is so proud.

And here is the pumpkin I carved last night…it’s an owl.¬†Hope it looks good all lit up tonight!¬†¬†If you can’t tell, we’ve got a thing for owls around here – or rather my hubby does.

Next up…the front door. I got a little crafty and made this feather boa wreath. Thanks for the inspiration Alisa!

Just like last year, we put up our creepy crawler spiders all over the house. I think they look pretty cool climbing up the light over our kitchen table.

Some more gourds and mini pumpkins, along with the spider web runner, make our table pretty festive. ūüôā

I also made some yummy cupcakes for J to bring into work. Chocolate with cream cheese frosting – delish!

And now for the good stuff…the pups. I know, I know,¬†a lot of people think it’s just mean to dress up your pets, but c’mon it’s all in good fun. It’s just one day! Plus they love it – ummm yeah. BUT they were good sports and let mommy take some pictures, (while trying to control my laughter). Ok, that sounds mean…laughing because they are so cute! ūüėČ Enjoy our little pumpkin Lolo¬†and ferocious bull Brutus – complete with cowboy! Yee-haw!

Brutus was SUPER excited to have daddy dress him up, can’t you tell ūüėČ

Lolo is too sweet for the bull horns – her pumpkin getup was more her ūüôā

Ready to rumble!

It’s on!

Happy Halloween from Lolo and Brutus!!¬† — DP

Visiting the “Bunches” in Buffalo!

This past weekend the hubby and I went North to visit Mr. and Mrs. Bunches. Since this was our first time in Buffalo, some sightseeing was in order. A short drive away was Niagara Falls State Park, so that was a must see.

The view as you walked up to the Falls was really breathtaking. The mist could be seen for miles away – pretty insane. This pic was taken as we walked through the park toward the Falls.

My sis had previously warned me just how close you could get to the water’s edge and the drop. She wasn’t kidding.

Anyone up for a swim?

The sun was out and shining so there were TONS of rainbows. So pretty.

After taking in the overall view we decided it was time to get a little more up close and personal. Cave of the Winds – bring it on.

Now that cute little bear makes you wonder a bit. Is this gonna be a piece of cake, or is this just a decoy to fool you?¬†Here’s a brief overview of what we were in for (courtesy of here): The Cave of the Winds trip takes you closer to the waters of Niagara Falls thank you thought possible. You ride an elevator 175 feet deep into the Niagara Gorge. Then, clad in a bright yellow poncho and wearing the special footwear provided, you follow a tour guide over a series of wooden walkways to the famous “Hurricane Deck”. As you stand at the railing, you are a mere 20 feet from the billowing torrents of Bridal Veil Falls. The rushing waters loom above you, dousing you with a generous spray as you face the thundering Falls head-on.¬†¬†

With that said we got all suited up in our yellow ponchos, rolled up our pants, and¬†strapped on our¬†“special footwear”. Lookin’ pretty fly.

Not sure where our tour guide was – never saw a single one. This was a self guided tour – watchout!

Oh, and I forgot to mention we had to carry our shoes in a plastic grocery bag the entire time. Just in case you were wondering about that one.

After this last shot below, the camera got put away, hoods went up, and onward we went to “Hurricane Deck”. I quickly fled by while trying to not get blown over and completely soaked. Josh was a little more adventurous, and after spending about 10 seconds in the hurricane was drenched. He got his money’s worth I guess ūüôā

Once we were in the clear, de-robed from our yellow garb, and with dry shoes back on, we walked over to the top of the Falls that we just had the pleasure of being underneath. Quite a view looking down. You’ll also see one of the “Maid of the Mist” boats. They take you right up to the bottom of the main Falls. That’s on our list for next time. With that tour we get a blue poncho – awesome.

Next time I’d¬†also like to¬†check out the¬†observation deck that extends out over the water, seen in the distance here…pretty cool.

So after taking in all the U.S. side had to offer, we decided to cross the border into Canada! Here’s a look at all our little yellow friends from a distance.

Pretty amazing. Since it was misting pretty heavily on the Canada side I wasn’t able to take too many photos, but I think the view from Canada definitely topped the U.S.

It’s scary/awesome how close you can get to the water’s edge, just a small fence between you and all that rushing water. Look how close I was – that’s not a zoomed in photo. YIKES!

Definitely an afternoon of fun – thanks for the tour guys!

Next on the agenda was the Bills & Pats game. The fun just doesn’t stop! Mrs. Bunches gave a full recap yesterday of all the action. I have to say the Bills fans were an intense crowd, nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. The stadium was electric. Those fans don’t mess around when it comes to football – they’re all business. The game was quite a nail biter, and even though I’m bound to the Pats through my family roots in Boston, it was hard not to cheer for the underdog. I only took a couple photos…we had some great seats.

It was a close game and quite a celebration when the Bills pulled out the victory. Thanks again for a great weekend Mr. & Mrs. Bunches! — DP

The Maine Event

I finally got my act together to download my photos of my little sis’s wedding to share. My other sis, Mrs. Bunches beat me to the punch and got a post up earlier this week, so definitely check hers out as she is a MUCH better photographer.

Our weekend trip to New Hampshire and Maine was¬†a great time and¬†the weather was¬†just delightful – it was so nice to get out of this Texas heat!¬†The wedding¬†day was perfect,¬†Chloe¬†and Brandon couldn’t¬†have asked for a better summer evening. And considering hurricane Irene was moving fast,¬†¬†we got out of New England the very next day¬†right before the hurricane hit! Talk about perfect¬†timing for the bride & groom!

So let’s begin the tour…first up was stopping in to visit with the bride¬†and¬†bridesmaids as they got ready in downtown Portsmouth. They were all smiles!

Cheers to the bride!

After hanging out a bit we left the girls to get all dolled up while we explored downtown Portsmouth. It’s the quintessential New England town, just so sweet.

Being adventurous we decided to walk across the Memorial Bridge…

Turns out on the other side of the bridge was Maine! Mr. Bunches was stoked when we saw the sign and just had to be first one to get there.

Shortly after walking to Maine we realized we needed to get our buns in gear, get back to the hotel, and¬†get ready for the big party! The wedding was held at the Red Barn at Outlook Farm in South Berwick, Maine. It is a beautiful place and the bride & groom knew the first time they saw it that it would be perfect for their wedding day. So let’s get right to the ceremony…

The groom eagerly awaits his lovely bride.

The crowd is all smiles…

Here comes the bride!


I know that was pretty quick, but I wasn’t able to get any good pics during the ceremony. Hoping sometime soon I’ll get to see some good ones from the “official” photographer.

As all the guests moved outside for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, we got a hold of the bride to snap some sister shots. It’s not every day we can all get together since we’re spread out in NH, NY, TX, and CA!

Mom & daughter

So lovely…

Work it. Work it.

With all my sisters in one place we also had all our moms together…a first!

Now on to the reception! We ventured back inside where our we found our names written on stones, telling us what table we were seated at.

Also in the foyer were adorable bags of treats¬†to take¬†home to¬†our furry friends. Instead of traditional favors Chloe & Brandon made a donation to the local ASPCA – great idea! Appropriately they were labeled “Meow” and “Woof”. Lolo and Brutus thank you both!¬†

The rest of the evening was filled with great food, lots of dancing and good times with family!   

We had such a fun trip – thank you Chloe¬†and Brandon for letting us share in such a¬†memorable day!! Wishing you both lots of love and happiness!¬† — DP