“New” Front Door!

A few weeks ago my parents took a “western road trip” and stopped by our place for a few days!! It was such a treat! As soon as they arrived they were ready to get back into “project mode” …I think they were having “project withdrawals” since the wedding was over.

Anyways- my dad had his eye on our front door and decided to take matters into his own hands! So he and Mark got to work!..I helped a little 🙂

Here’s what the OLD door looked like (we took the hardware off):

door before

First things first- remove the hardware.

removing hardware

Original hardware- tarnished brass…facelift coming up!

Once the door was off the next step was to strip all old lacquer and stain off.

stripping door

We chose a “safer” stripper (that just sounds wrong).

stripping gel

Once the stripper was cleaned off (again – wrong) and the door was dry- Mark used his pro sanding skills to smooth out the wood.

After the first round of sanding- My dad used wood filler in any holes or cracks. Once it’s dry- then Mark did another round (or 3) of sanding. Mark was determined to get it super smooooth.

Here’s my dad cutting the new trim for the door!

Once the trim was cut and nailed on- the door was put back on the hinges and it was time for staining! (Sorry no photos of the door being hung back in the hinges- it was a three person job!)

Here’s my dad carefully staining the door.

…and two coats later:

After the stain was dry we put on two coats of “polycrylic” to seal it.

While the door was drying- I was busy cleaning off the hardware. I used silver cleaner- it’s all i had- but it did the trick! For the mail slot- I used brass spray paint- which actually came out looking pretty good!

And the NEW DOOR!

new door

After a hard days work- Dad and Mark take a well deserved break..with a beer of course 🙂

…while all this was going on- my mom was busy in the garden and in the kitchen! Sangria and plum/ peach pie here we come!!