The other kitchen.

We’ve all been watching Punk’s kitchen renovation with eager anticipation week to week, so on the same topic I thought I’d finally share some photos of my kitchen facelift.

My sister, Mrs. Bunches, had the pleasure of visiting Texas back in September (yes I realize I’m very late on posting this project). I’d like to think her sole purpose was to hang out with her awesome sister, but she had other objectives. Since we moved into our house over a year ago she’s been DYING to paint our kitchen cabinets. As you can see from the before shots below, the oak cabinets are a shiny orangey eye sore. Just not my taste (or more importantly it seems, my sister’s)!

That’s some shine!

Initially we planned to use Rust-Oleum’s cabinet kit for the project, but after some serious googling we discovered it wouldn’t be best for the final look we were going for – crisp, clean, white cabinets. We’d have to do this the old fashioned way – sanding, priming, and painting. Thank goodness my sis was in town for a few days – because it was quite an undertaking.

Now she documented the whole project on her website, so I’m not going to bother with the play-by-play, for that you can read all about it here. Let’s just say it was a lot of sanding, then priming, then painting, more painting, and even more painting, with some trips to Lowe’s and the paint store thrown in. Since we didn’t have all the new cabinet hardware on hand before she left she didn’t get to see the completed project. So here you go sis – all our hard work really paid off – we love it!!  And to top it off we recently purchased a new dishwasher, microwave and oven, so we have a shiny new kitchen!!

Check out the process and the “after” pics! Oh, and Brutus supervised the entire project – he’s gotta be in the middle of everything.

Sanded and ready for priming.

Our living room looked like this for two days. It was too hot and humid to leave the doors and drawers outside to dry.

Time to put the doors back on…

Handy tool for marking spots to drill holes, for the new hardware.

They’re done!!!!

And here’s the AFTER after photos, with our new appliances!

One day I’d like to replace the countertops and add a backsplash. I may have to bribe my sister for another visit!  — DP

Trip to Sweet Home Dallas!

Two weekends ago I went to visit Devri and Josh in Dallas!!! It was so great to see them and finally see their new house! Their two dogs Brutis and Lolo were a trip and showed off their wresting moves together as soon as I arrived! Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of them b/c I wasn’t quick enough on the draw to grab my camera..but you can see them here.   🙂

On Saturday Devri took me downtown to see the sites!

Downtown Dallas!

We went on a tour at the JFK museum! It was pretty cool! Here’s a shot of the book depository which is now the JFK Museum.

That’s me by the “Grassy Knoll”

JFK memorial (giant Legos?)

On Sunday we headed to the State Fair of Texas! Yeeehaw!!! (apparently it’s the biggest state fair in the country…go figure).

Josh, Devri and BIG TEX! (Big Tex= creepy talking mechanical statue).

I had to see this to believe it- Fried bubble gum! GROSS!

Devri & Josh were brave enough to try fried Oreos…

(Josh also indulged in a fried ho-ho and fried pecan pie!)

There was an entire pavilion dedicated to weird collections…one of which included these kewpie looking “gems”.

Cow of butter…this is only a partial view of this “lovely” sculpture- there were also butter maids and butter children….yeh-pretty gnarly.

On the way home from the Fair- we made a “must-see!” stop at Josh’s favorite horse statue!

My awkward pose. 🙂

Devri & Josh’s Sweet Home! -AY