Thursday Purse Day

Back to the camera bag hunt. I found this one courtesy of “The Daybook” blog that I read often – Sydney uses this as her bag. I like it!


Happy Birthday Mrs. Bunches!!!

That’s right, the famous Mrs. Bunches turns another year older today!!!!

Two thumbs up for birthdays!!!

Oh yea, party time!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday day dear Mrs. Buuuuuunnnnnnccccccchhhhhhheeeeesssssss
Happy birthday to you!!!!

Hope you have a great birthday sis, I know this will be your best year yet!!! Thanks for being the bestest sister EVER! 🙂  xoxo Doodles

Thursday Purse Day

How sweet is this little lady – she’d dress up any outfit (comes in black too). Perfect for a holiday party! 

Kitchen Reno: weeks 6-8

Howdy folks! Not much new to report with our contractor off-site for the last few weeks. However, WE did install all doors & drawers! Ok…almost all if you don’t count the one under the sink – which is Ikea’s fault for giving us the wrong color!!.

The man of the hour year installing new doors! Go Mark! 🙂

Paint test on the left- “Blue Tequila” (in honor of my cousin Kevin)…any takers?

Our poor old stove has a” timeout” in the corner… until we can sell the bastard.

MacGyver’s  personal “cat-walk”….for now 😉 …And yes, it’s snowing outside!

Coming soon (hopefully): Ceiling, soffit, and lighting!

Thursday Purse Day

Likin’ this striped gal.

Thursday Purse Day

Being that it’s Thanksgiving and all, I knew if I googled “turkey purse” something would come up!

Don’t you just want to tote that around all day? 🙂
Best wishes to my family and friends for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I’m so greatful to have each of you in my life. Cheers!!! –DP

Sweet Tip of the week: Liquid soap extender

How many times have you unintentionally squeezed WAY too much soap out and spent more time (and water) rinsing off the excess?  “Money down the drain” you say? I’m guessing this is what the soap industry is hoping you don’t realize every time you squeeze/ pump too much soap from their bottles.

A quick fix to this problem: add water. I usually add 1 part water to 3 parts soap depending on the “thickness” of the soap. (I use a refillable bottle that I just add new soap to). For the pump variety you can also add a plastic cap from a juice container around the “neck” of the pump. For details click here. -AY