Trip to Sweet Home Dallas!

Two weekends ago I went to visit Devri and Josh in Dallas!!! It was so great to see them and finally see their new house! Their two dogs Brutis and Lolo were a trip and showed off their wresting moves together as soon as I arrived! Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of them b/c I wasn’t quick enough on the draw to grab my camera..but you can see them here. ¬† ūüôā

On Saturday Devri took me downtown to see the sites!

Downtown Dallas!

We went on a tour at the JFK museum! It was pretty cool! Here’s a shot of the book depository which is now the JFK Museum.

That’s me by the “Grassy Knoll”

JFK memorial (giant Legos?)

On Sunday we headed to the State Fair of Texas! Yeeehaw!!! (apparently it’s the biggest state fair in the country…go figure).

Josh, Devri and BIG TEX! (Big Tex= creepy talking mechanical statue).

I had to see this to believe it- Fried bubble gum! GROSS!

Devri & Josh were brave enough to try fried Oreos…

(Josh also indulged in a fried ho-ho and fried pecan pie!)

There was an entire pavilion dedicated to weird collections…one of which included these kewpie looking “gems”.

Cow of butter…this is only a partial view of this “lovely” sculpture- there were also butter maids and butter children….yeh-pretty gnarly.

On the way home from the Fair- we made a “must-see!” stop at Josh’s favorite horse statue!

My awkward pose. ūüôā

Devri & Josh’s Sweet Home! -AY

Visiting the “Bunches” in Buffalo!

This past weekend the hubby and I went North to visit Mr. and Mrs. Bunches. Since this was our first time in Buffalo, some sightseeing was in order. A short drive away was Niagara Falls State Park, so that was a must see.

The view as you walked up to the Falls was really breathtaking. The mist could be seen for miles away – pretty insane. This pic was taken as we walked through the park toward the Falls.

My sis had previously warned me just how close you could get to the water’s edge and the drop. She wasn’t kidding.

Anyone up for a swim?

The sun was out and shining so there were TONS of rainbows. So pretty.

After taking in the overall view we decided it was time to get a little more up close and personal. Cave of the Winds – bring it on.

Now that cute little bear makes you wonder a bit. Is this gonna be a piece of cake, or is this just a decoy to fool you?¬†Here’s a brief overview of what we were in for (courtesy of here): The Cave of the Winds trip takes you closer to the waters of Niagara Falls thank you thought possible. You ride an elevator 175 feet deep into the Niagara Gorge. Then, clad in a bright yellow poncho and wearing the special footwear provided, you follow a tour guide over a series of wooden walkways to the famous “Hurricane Deck”. As you stand at the railing, you are a mere 20 feet from the billowing torrents of Bridal Veil Falls. The rushing waters loom above you, dousing you with a generous spray as you face the thundering Falls head-on.¬†¬†

With that said we got all suited up in our yellow ponchos, rolled up our pants, and¬†strapped on our¬†“special footwear”. Lookin’ pretty fly.

Not sure where our tour guide was – never saw a single one. This was a self guided tour – watchout!

Oh, and I forgot to mention we had to carry our shoes in a plastic grocery bag the entire time. Just in case you were wondering about that one.

After this last shot below, the camera got put away, hoods went up, and onward we went to “Hurricane Deck”. I quickly fled by while trying to not get blown over and completely soaked. Josh was a little more adventurous, and after spending about 10 seconds in the hurricane was drenched. He got his money’s worth I guess ūüôā

Once we were in the clear, de-robed from our yellow garb, and with dry shoes back on, we walked over to the top of the Falls that we just had the pleasure of being underneath. Quite a view looking down. You’ll also see one of the “Maid of the Mist” boats. They take you right up to the bottom of the main Falls. That’s on our list for next time. With that tour we get a blue poncho – awesome.

Next time I’d¬†also like to¬†check out the¬†observation deck that extends out over the water, seen in the distance here…pretty cool.

So after taking in all the U.S. side had to offer, we decided to cross the border into Canada! Here’s a look at all our little yellow friends from a distance.

Pretty amazing. Since it was misting pretty heavily on the Canada side I wasn’t able to take too many photos, but I think the view from Canada definitely topped the U.S.

It’s scary/awesome how close you can get to the water’s edge, just a small fence between you and all that rushing water. Look how close I was – that’s not a zoomed in photo. YIKES!

Definitely an afternoon of fun – thanks for the tour guys!

Next on the agenda was the Bills & Pats game. The fun just doesn’t stop! Mrs. Bunches gave a full recap yesterday of all the action. I have to say the Bills fans were an intense crowd, nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. The stadium was electric. Those fans don’t mess around when it comes to football – they’re all business. The game was quite a nail biter, and even though I’m bound to the Pats through my family roots in Boston, it was hard not to cheer for the underdog. I only took a couple photos…we had some great seats.

It was a close game and quite a celebration when the Bills pulled out the victory. Thanks again for a great weekend Mr. & Mrs. Bunches! — DP

The Maine Event

I finally got my act together to download my photos of my little sis’s wedding to share. My other sis, Mrs. Bunches beat me to the punch and got a post up earlier this week, so definitely check hers out as she is a MUCH better photographer.

Our weekend trip to New Hampshire and Maine was¬†a great time and¬†the weather was¬†just delightful – it was so nice to get out of this Texas heat!¬†The wedding¬†day was perfect,¬†Chloe¬†and Brandon couldn’t¬†have asked for a better summer evening. And considering hurricane Irene was moving fast,¬†¬†we got out of New England the very next day¬†right before the hurricane hit! Talk about perfect¬†timing for the bride & groom!

So let’s begin the tour…first up was stopping in to visit with the bride¬†and¬†bridesmaids as they got ready in downtown Portsmouth. They were all smiles!

Cheers to the bride!

After hanging out a bit we left the girls to get all dolled up while we explored downtown Portsmouth. It’s the quintessential New England town, just so sweet.

Being adventurous we decided to walk across the Memorial Bridge…

Turns out on the other side of the bridge was Maine! Mr. Bunches was stoked when we saw the sign and just had to be first one to get there.

Shortly after walking to Maine we realized we needed to get our buns in gear, get back to the hotel, and¬†get ready for the big party! The wedding was held at the Red Barn at Outlook Farm in South Berwick, Maine. It is a beautiful place and the bride & groom knew the first time they saw it that it would be perfect for their wedding day. So let’s get right to the ceremony…

The groom eagerly awaits his lovely bride.

The crowd is all smiles…

Here comes the bride!


I know that was pretty quick, but I wasn’t able to get any good pics during the ceremony. Hoping sometime soon I’ll get to see some good ones from the “official” photographer.

As all the guests moved outside for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, we got a hold of the bride to snap some sister shots. It’s not every day we can all get together since we’re spread out in NH, NY, TX, and CA!

Mom & daughter

So lovely…

Work it. Work it.

With all my sisters in one place we also had all our moms together…a first!

Now on to the reception! We ventured back inside where our we found our names written on stones, telling us what table we were seated at.

Also in the foyer were adorable bags of treats¬†to take¬†home to¬†our furry friends. Instead of traditional favors Chloe & Brandon made a donation to the local ASPCA – great idea! Appropriately they were labeled “Meow” and “Woof”. Lolo and Brutus thank you both!¬†

The rest of the evening was filled with great food, lots of dancing and good times with family!   

We had such a fun trip – thank you Chloe¬†and Brandon for letting us share in such a¬†memorable day!! Wishing you both lots of love and happiness!¬† — DP

Wedding #4

First there was my big day, then Jenn, then Punkie, and now my little sister Chloe is getting married – today! It’s been the summer of weddings (and we still have one more in a few weeks). I’m so excited to¬†be part of¬† their¬†special day, and I know Maine is going to be a beautiful setting for all the festivities. I hope to snap some shots of the happy couple that I can share next week. Can’t wait!¬† Congrats Chloe & Brandon…love you guys!

How cute are they!?!?!

Wedding + Napa = A perfect match. Part 2 – The BIG Day!

Let’s try this again – had a click slip on the mouse and posted too fast – here’s the real post!!

So now on to the second part of our trip to Napa – the most important day…Adrienne & Mark’s wedding! They really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding day – the weather was amazing and Chateaux Young was just beautiful. You could see how much hard work and TLC went into making this a memorable day for A&M. I think the pictures tell the story, so I’ll try to keep my comments to a minimum.

The girls headed over early to keep Adrienne company while she got dolled up. She was cool, calm, and collected…and of course beautiful!

Stylish ladies – experts at posing for the paparazzi.

The Venue…Adrienne’s parent’s home, overlooking Napa Valley. HEAVENLY.

As guests arrived they were driven up the long driveway in this awesome ride.

A pretty good looking crowd, eh?

The ceremony area (with the cocktail area just above – you can kind of see the bar up there).

A look from the cocktail area towards the reception area. J&J maybe thinking about their recent nuptials ūüôā

Now on to the ceremony! I was watching so intently that I only snapped a few pictures. But I can tell you it was so sweet and perfect. Lots of love…a beautiful couple.

After cocktails it was time for dinner. Tables were set up at the front of the house which had a wonderful view. An old vine displayed the escort cards – such a great idea. Mrs. Young even sewed all the table linens so they had the perfect color green. Details. Details. Details. ūüôā

A fabulous chef prepared dinner and there wasn’t a crumb left on our table. I only got a picture of the first course since we were too busy eating. DELICIOUS.

With our bellies full it was now time to party. Cake, dancing, and lots of champagne!

Air guitar action.

Lots of love for Adrienne!

It was such a special day and I am so happy we were there to celebrate such a joyous occasion. Much love and many years of happiness to Adrienne & Mark. Love you guys – CHEERS! –DP

Wedding + Napa = A perfect match. Part 1

As promised, I’m finally getting around to telling all about my recent trip to Napa, CA. Once again I realized how much I love California. When the Mr. and I win the lottery maybe we can finally move there. But back to all the deets…we’ll start from the beginning and work our way to the big event!

We flew into Sacramento Thursday afternoon and then made the drive to Napa (just over an hour). After meeting up with the crew, first on our list was to find good food. Just down the street from our hotel was¬†BarBersQ¬†restaurant, so we popped in there for some eats. Hip vibe from the decor to the music, with super yummy food and beer. I highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich if you ever stop in. ¬†No pictures to share – wish I had been smart enough to bring my camera. Up next that evening was a welcoming party at Adrienne’s sister Kristina’s home – which was the cutest little bugalow. Once again no pictures, but it was so nice to catch up with all of her relatives that I haven’t seen since probably junior high. More good food and an overall fun evening – thanks Kristina!

Friday it was time to get down to business – the business of wine tasting! Jenn, Jason, Mr. Pitts, and I headed out to the Silverado Trail and our first stop along the way was Robert Sinskey Vineyard. It was a cute place that almost felt more like a bar, lots of character. The tastings even came with some small nibbles – the cheese was delish.

Jenn and Jason saying hello to the fishies

Ok, so after a quick lunch break and meeting up with the rest of the posse (Alisa, Scott, Sarah, and Nick) we headed to Grgich Hills Estate. It was a little crowded when we arrived, and since we were a “large group”, they escorted us to our very own room for a private tasting. They obviously recognized how serious we were, I mean Nick alone oozed wine connoisseur.

We ladies have some class too. We pose regularly for the paparazzi.

In the moment…

Moving right along, our next stop was¬†Peju Winery. Alisa, Sarah and I had been here about 6 years ago, and our taste buds remembered it fondly. It was a we-must-stop-here-no-ifs-ands-or-buts place. And it proved to be an interesting experience, to say the least. Our wine “expert” (at the moment his name escapes me which I can’t even believe) was hilarious slash a bit nuts. I think he thought we paid money to hear his comedy act, and not to taste the wine. We heard about his life, love life (or lack there of), all while he analyzed each one of us. I don’t think he even told us anything about the wines we were tasting. Oh well. We made the best of it and each left with a bottle – I highly recommend the “Provence“. YUM.

Walking up it felt like you had arrived at a castle.

Notice what I’m holding¬†in this next pic?¬†Told you I take it everywhere.

Exciting times in Peju. Alisa could hardly contain herself, and Sarah could have been their spokesmodel.

Ok, so now on to stop four of the day. Yes, I was getting a little tipsy at this point. Upon arrival at St. Supery it was packed. We were told we could take a self guided tour through the building while we waited, so tour we did.

They had these stations where you could smell all the ingredients that went into making that specific type of wine. Mr. wasn’t digging it too much.

I failed to get any pics during our actual wine tasting, but we all left happy campers!

So there you have Part 1 of our Napa adventures! I think we were all overwhelmed by just how many wineries there are in the area, and how they were back to back as you drove along. It would take months to visit them all! ¬†I would have to say that Peju was my favorite of the day – the wine and even the entertainment. Overall good times had by all, and even more importantly it was so great to visit with close friends. I just wish Punkie & Mark could have joined us that afternoon, but they had more important things on the horizon. Stayed tuned for Part 2…wedding festivities galore!!! ¬†— DP

Napa here we come…

The Mr. and I are jetting off to Napa, CA today for the wedding festivities¬†of the other half of “two sweet homes”. That’s right, Punk is gettin’ hitched! It’s been over 5 years since I’ve been to her parents home¬†and I can’t wait. The weather forecast looks amazing, the bride will look fabulous, the party will rock, and I plan to do a lot of this while touring around town.

I’ll have a full report on all the festivities once we return. Congrats Punkie & Mark!!!