Kitchen Reno: weeks 4-5

Howdy folks! Sorry I’ve been slacking a bit on the posts…I’ve been a little under the weather the last few days (I’ll just blame it on Ikea- guessing I caught a bug during one our MANY trips to #$@% Ikea over the last couple weeks!).

So we found out the hard way that the double hung drawers were supposed to be installed BEFORE the counter…so we’ll have to get creative with that situation. Hopefully our contractor will figure something out…fingers crossed. Another snag was our farmhouse sink was apparently defective and sadly cracked after installation. It’s debatable who’s fault that was…luckily, we were able to return it and get a replacement.

Now don’t get me wrong, Ikea can be great…but when it comes to cabinets, sinks, drawers, and the “joy” of kitchen DIY- I curse the little smiling bastard in the “instruction” manual! So, despite some expected issues along the way, things are definitely coming along!

Also, thanks to my cousin Kevin (who was here last week) we have all our appliances working and plugged into new outlets (that are up to code)!! Whoohoo! He was also kind enough to give us not one, but FOUR double outlets for all our small appliances!! This was no small feat considering our exterior wall is composed of plaster, cement, and brick. He was able to cut into the wall and place them IN the wall so we don’t have them mounted ON the wall! Thanks Kev!! You rock!!

I know you are all on the edge of your seats anxiously awaiting the photos…(ok…most likely not. 🙂 Anyways, here they are!:

Kevin measuring for the new outlets!

Counters and appliances are in!!! (temporary string lights until lighting is installed next month).

Mark showing off the end result of his skills! (NO pre-drilled drawer fronts here- good thing Mark has patience).

So for the next few weeks things will slow down a bit since our contractor won’t be back again until December. In the meantime, Mark and I will be finalizing the remaining drawers, door fronts. etc. and also start planning out our back-splash and paint colors!! -AY


4 Responses to Kitchen Reno: weeks 4-5

  1. Dev says:

    I can’t believe how open the space is!! Knocking out that wall made such a difference. You have sooooo much more storage now too. It’s looking great!!!

  2. MOM Y says:

    Really taking shape! looks terrific! Getting the frig out of the dining room is a major improvement – thanks to Kevin O for elec work. Like the wine bottle on counter.
    Mitered wood corners was right decision – have fun with the rest of the IKEA directions!
    Can’t wait to see the final reveal!!!

  3. Debbie Dundass says:

    Ok – so you have another follower 🙂

    Heard that Kevin flew in & so glad to see ALL the work that has been accomplished. You are doing great work & I too noticed the wine on the counter….no food, cleaning products & vino – Yup, you’ve got your priorities straight. All good.

    When we did our big renovation way, way back in 1991, I recall the kitchen cabinet guys say “You’re living here?” when I appered in my housecoat from the basement. They were shocked but somehow you get used to eating & breathing drywall dust – enjoy!!

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