Mr. Hutton, tear down that wall!! – Kitchen Reno: week 1

Week 1 of our kitchen demo/ reno has begun! After almost 2 long years of orange laminate counters and 30 year old particle board cabinets-  we are FINALLY on our way to a functional kitchen!!!

So what’s first on the list you ask? TEAR DOWN THAT WALL! (oh Mr. Hutton is our contractor if you haven’t guessed already). Not as exciting as the Berlin Wall – but as you will see below- it’s “almost” just as glorious. OK maybe not…

This is the BEFORE kitchen.

Cabinets OFF- phase 1!

You can’t see it here because there’s old laminate covering the wood- but the floors are intact! We were worried the wood wouldn’t continue under the old cabinets…but we got lucky! Phew!

Wall Demo begins!

Wall is DOWN!! and the aftermath….

We put the old cabinets out by dumpster…hoping someone will take them…I mean WHO wouldn’t want these beauties?!

Here’s the view from the living room! It’s amazing how much brighter and larger the space feels! We can’t wait to see it all come together!!

…and the view from the kitchen.

SO there you have it folks! In the’s our temporary kitchen- stocked with the essentials…coffee, wine, and gin 😉

Stay tuned for week 2! -AY


2 Responses to Mr. Hutton, tear down that wall!! – Kitchen Reno: week 1

  1. bunchesofjoy says:

    OH my goodness!!! That looks crazy! Did you guys participate in the demo? Find anything crazy back there? I can’t wait to start doing some reno of our kitchen, but I’m still in thinking mode about exactly what I want to do. I can’t wait to see updates!!!

    • Haha- I made sure we weren’t in the house while the majority of the demo was going on. I’m looking forward to seeing your kitchen reno!! Keep it simple- that’s all I gotta say when you’re in “thinking mode”. 🙂

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