Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween folks!! We’ve got beautiful Fall weather here today in Grapevine, so it should be perfect for all the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood tonight.

We’re embracing the Halloween spirit around here and thought I’d share some of our decorations! First up, a pile of gourds and pumpkins picked up at a local pumpkin patch. The hubby likes to take charge in this area and set up the “display”.

 He was feeling super festive last week and picked up this flag too. My mom is so proud.

And here is the pumpkin I carved last night…it’s an owl. Hope it looks good all lit up tonight!  If you can’t tell, we’ve got a thing for owls around here – or rather my hubby does.

Next up…the front door. I got a little crafty and made this feather boa wreath. Thanks for the inspiration Alisa!

Just like last year, we put up our creepy crawler spiders all over the house. I think they look pretty cool climbing up the light over our kitchen table.

Some more gourds and mini pumpkins, along with the spider web runner, make our table pretty festive. 🙂

I also made some yummy cupcakes for J to bring into work. Chocolate with cream cheese frosting – delish!

And now for the good stuff…the pups. I know, I know, a lot of people think it’s just mean to dress up your pets, but c’mon it’s all in good fun. It’s just one day! Plus they love it – ummm yeah. BUT they were good sports and let mommy take some pictures, (while trying to control my laughter). Ok, that sounds mean…laughing because they are so cute! 😉 Enjoy our little pumpkin Lolo and ferocious bull Brutus – complete with cowboy! Yee-haw!

Brutus was SUPER excited to have daddy dress him up, can’t you tell 😉

Lolo is too sweet for the bull horns – her pumpkin getup was more her 🙂

Ready to rumble!

It’s on!

Happy Halloween from Lolo and Brutus!!  — DP

Kitchen Reno: week 2

Week two has come and gone- and I wasn’t here for any of it (I was at a conference for work). In my absence, Mark (my husband) took the photos below.  It’s getting exciting!! We can definitely visualize the layout and space much better now.

Chaos…fridge is pulled out to the middle of the room. Plastic sheeting to contain dust.

Ripped up wall from demo. You can see the old plaster and boards…and about ten different “choice” layers of wall paper.

Lower cabinets are in! (almost all). More to come soon…

Thursday Purse Day

Still on the hunt for a camera bag slash purse. Found this one courtesy of Pinterest – like the chevron fabric. BTW, I LOVE Pinterest. If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what I’m talking about, check it out!   


Halloween Groove

This video made me laugh. Josh and I might need to step things up here in Grapevine this holiday season. Any song requests?


Thriller is pretty awesome too…

Mr. Hutton, tear down that wall!! – Kitchen Reno: week 1

Week 1 of our kitchen demo/ reno has begun! After almost 2 long years of orange laminate counters and 30 year old particle board cabinets-  we are FINALLY on our way to a functional kitchen!!!

So what’s first on the list you ask? TEAR DOWN THAT WALL! (oh Mr. Hutton is our contractor if you haven’t guessed already). Not as exciting as the Berlin Wall – but as you will see below- it’s “almost” just as glorious. OK maybe not…

This is the BEFORE kitchen.

Cabinets OFF- phase 1!

You can’t see it here because there’s old laminate covering the wood- but the floors are intact! We were worried the wood wouldn’t continue under the old cabinets…but we got lucky! Phew!

Wall Demo begins!

Wall is DOWN!! and the aftermath….

We put the old cabinets out by dumpster…hoping someone will take them…I mean WHO wouldn’t want these beauties?!

Here’s the view from the living room! It’s amazing how much brighter and larger the space feels! We can’t wait to see it all come together!!

…and the view from the kitchen.

SO there you have it folks! In the meantime..here’s our temporary kitchen- stocked with the essentials…coffee, wine, and gin 😉

Stay tuned for week 2! -AY

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I turn 34. Weird. How did that happen?

33 was a good one. I got to marry the sweetest guy on earth. It’s gonna be hard to top that.

Cheers to me and birthday wishes for a fabulous 34th year!  —DP


Trip to Sweet Home Dallas!

Two weekends ago I went to visit Devri and Josh in Dallas!!! It was so great to see them and finally see their new house! Their two dogs Brutis and Lolo were a trip and showed off their wresting moves together as soon as I arrived! Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of them b/c I wasn’t quick enough on the draw to grab my camera..but you can see them here.   🙂

On Saturday Devri took me downtown to see the sites!

Downtown Dallas!

We went on a tour at the JFK museum! It was pretty cool! Here’s a shot of the book depository which is now the JFK Museum.

That’s me by the “Grassy Knoll”

JFK memorial (giant Legos?)

On Sunday we headed to the State Fair of Texas! Yeeehaw!!! (apparently it’s the biggest state fair in the country…go figure).

Josh, Devri and BIG TEX! (Big Tex= creepy talking mechanical statue).

I had to see this to believe it- Fried bubble gum! GROSS!

Devri & Josh were brave enough to try fried Oreos…

(Josh also indulged in a fried ho-ho and fried pecan pie!)

There was an entire pavilion dedicated to weird collections…one of which included these kewpie looking “gems”.

Cow of butter…this is only a partial view of this “lovely” sculpture- there were also butter maids and butter children….yeh-pretty gnarly.

On the way home from the Fair- we made a “must-see!” stop at Josh’s favorite horse statue!

My awkward pose. 🙂

Devri & Josh’s Sweet Home! -AY

Thursday Purse Day

I’ve missed a couple weeks – oops!! Here’s a cute little clutch I wouldn’t mind toting around. 🙂