Ikea Kitchen…here we come!!

So FINALLY Ikea has opened up in Denver and Mark and I couldn’t be more excited! Just in time for a kitchen reno!! Since we currently have a 1970’s dysfunctional kitchen- we bit the bullet and went to Ikea last weekend with our plans in hand. Knowing that it was the LAST day of their major kitchen sale (we got 20% back- which erased the cost of the oven, stove, hood)- we had to do it. So… FIVE hours later…we placed our order and next week we’ll have 127 (!!!) boxes delivered to the house. Yeah…we have to put ALL of it together..that “money saving tip” will be put to the test…we’ll see how it pans out…

Anyways- we have plans to start the reno late September/ early October depending on our contractors schedule.

In the meantime- here are the plans we came up with using Ikea’s (frustrating) software:

Currently there is a wall that separates the kitchen from the eating area- as you can see in the above renderings we are taking that out for an open floor plan. Also to note: we are going to have open shelving on the wall where the stove is and also shelving on the exposed sides of the cabinets.

Here’s the cabinet style we chose (“Ramsjo”- solid wood- in white):

Butcher block countertop (birch):
Farmhouse Sink- “Domsjo”:

Faucet  -“Elverdam”:

Pulls -“Grej”:
Knobs -“Fintorp”:
Oven -“Datid”:
Cooktop -“Datid”:
Hood “Luftig”:



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