Thursday Purse Day

I’m back with Post #2 for Thursday Purse Day – so far I’m sticking to it! Now, searching for purses can quickly become overwhelming, where does a girl even begin? To slowly ease into this I went straight to one of my favorite stores, Anthropolgie. I wish I could live there – just love the whole vibe. Anyway, while browsing through their online shop I found this green guy


It’s nothing too snazzy, but I love the relaxed shape and color (I’m drawn to anything green or blue), it just looks comfortable. And get this, it’s called the “Bell Pepper Tote”, how fun! I can’t get enough of bell peppers this summer – we’ve grown them in our garden, we have em’ on pizza, kebobs, stir fry, stuffed with cheese and cooked up on the grill, and just last night in Mrs. Bunches Quinoa salad…LOVE THEM. Okay, got off track there a bit, was a little too excited about the name…oops. So yeah, I’m diggin’ this bag, and if it didn’t have such a hefty price tag I’d be sold. I’m the queen of hitting up their in store sale section, so who knows, maybe he’ll pop up in there!  — DP


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