Wedding #4

First there was my big day, then Jenn, then Punkie, and now my little sister Chloe is getting married – today! It’s been the summer of weddings (and we still have one more in a few weeks). I’m so excited to be part of  their special day, and I know Maine is going to be a beautiful setting for all the festivities. I hope to snap some shots of the happy couple that I can share next week. Can’t wait!  Congrats Chloe & Brandon…love you guys!

How cute are they!?!?!

Ikea Kitchen…here we come!!

So FINALLY Ikea has opened up in Denver and Mark and I couldn’t be more excited! Just in time for a kitchen reno!! Since we currently have a 1970’s dysfunctional kitchen- we bit the bullet and went to Ikea last weekend with our plans in hand. Knowing that it was the LAST day of their major kitchen sale (we got 20% back- which erased the cost of the oven, stove, hood)- we had to do it. So… FIVE hours later…we placed our order and next week we’ll have 127 (!!!) boxes delivered to the house. Yeah…we have to put ALL of it together..that “money saving tip” will be put to the test…we’ll see how it pans out…

Anyways- we have plans to start the reno late September/ early October depending on our contractors schedule.

In the meantime- here are the plans we came up with using Ikea’s (frustrating) software:

Currently there is a wall that separates the kitchen from the eating area- as you can see in the above renderings we are taking that out for an open floor plan. Also to note: we are going to have open shelving on the wall where the stove is and also shelving on the exposed sides of the cabinets.

Here’s the cabinet style we chose (“Ramsjo”- solid wood- in white):

Butcher block countertop (birch):
Farmhouse Sink- “Domsjo”:

Faucet  -“Elverdam”:

Pulls -“Grej”:
Knobs -“Fintorp”:
Oven -“Datid”:
Cooktop -“Datid”:
Hood “Luftig”:


Thursday Purse Day

I can spend hours upon hours searching around on Etsy…soooo many cool things. I stumbled across this chunky lady recently. Love the grey and yellow combo.

“New” Front Door!

A few weeks ago my parents took a “western road trip” and stopped by our place for a few days!! It was such a treat! As soon as they arrived they were ready to get back into “project mode” …I think they were having “project withdrawals” since the wedding was over.

Anyways- my dad had his eye on our front door and decided to take matters into his own hands! So he and Mark got to work!..I helped a little 🙂

Here’s what the OLD door looked like (we took the hardware off):

door before

First things first- remove the hardware.

removing hardware

Original hardware- tarnished brass…facelift coming up!

Once the door was off the next step was to strip all old lacquer and stain off.

stripping door

We chose a “safer” stripper (that just sounds wrong).

stripping gel

Once the stripper was cleaned off (again – wrong) and the door was dry- Mark used his pro sanding skills to smooth out the wood.

After the first round of sanding- My dad used wood filler in any holes or cracks. Once it’s dry- then Mark did another round (or 3) of sanding. Mark was determined to get it super smooooth.

Here’s my dad cutting the new trim for the door!

Once the trim was cut and nailed on- the door was put back on the hinges and it was time for staining! (Sorry no photos of the door being hung back in the hinges- it was a three person job!)

Here’s my dad carefully staining the door.

…and two coats later:

After the stain was dry we put on two coats of “polycrylic” to seal it.

While the door was drying- I was busy cleaning off the hardware. I used silver cleaner- it’s all i had- but it did the trick! For the mail slot- I used brass spray paint- which actually came out looking pretty good!

And the NEW DOOR!

new door

After a hard days work- Dad and Mark take a well deserved break..with a beer of course 🙂

…while all this was going on- my mom was busy in the garden and in the kitchen! Sangria and plum/ peach pie here we come!!


Curtain hunting

On a previous post I mentioned wanting to get curtains for the entry into our new sitting/hang out room, to make it a cozy little nook. Well…I finally was able to find some online that weren’t going to break the bank. Remember, my inspiration was this image from Pottery Barn:

I LOVE these velvet curtains, but at the long length I need them they are $189 each…way too $$ for this cheap chick. I did a little hunting online which included visiting Copy Cat Chic. She finds great deals for items that are nearly identical to the high price things we drool over. Just so happens she also loves these PB curtains, and found ones similar on Curtain Works for her nursery. The closest color to the PB ones are the Peacock Blue, and from the pictures that Copy Cat Chic posted I figured the color would work great.

We’ve got high ceilings, and I want the curtains to pool a little on the floor, so I need just over the standard 108″. The next size up is 120″ which is going to be long, but I can always hem them if I need to. The price per panel is $79.99, much cheaper than PB. They are still not dirt cheap, but it’s the best deal I’ve found out there where they don’t look too flimsy. Before hitting purchase I went over to to see if there was a discount code available and voila – there was one for 20% off. YES! In addition to that there is no shipping charge if you spend over $100. Double YES! So my total for two panels, with tax, and the discount was $138.54. Not bad!

They arrived this week and I love them! Once I get them up I’ll have an update.  — DP

Thursday Purse Day

I was in a one on one battle with my sewing machine Tuesday night while trying to accomplish my homework.  It wasn’t pretty. I could have used this bag’s words of wisdom to settle down…or a shot might have done it.  –DP

Quilting – Week 2

Last Wednesday was our second class and we got a ton accomplished! I took photos in class this time to document all the steps.

Hung up in our classroom is a large piece of batting, and we learned very quickly this is a very useful tool.  You throw your fabric pieces up there and they just stick  – super helpful when piecing together large sections so you’re able to see the full picture. First up was to layout all the squares we finished up for homework.

Sidenote: the batting had lots of stray thread that has accumulated over time (so that’s what all that messy looking stuff is).

We then cut our two other fabrics to finish off the center. Cutting is kind of boring, so you won’t see any pictures of that 🙂 The bold pattern pieces around the edge was the first fabric I picked out, and then the fuschia and polka dot fabrics were chosen to compliment the pattern. So here’s a picture of all the individual pieces laid out in the finished pattern. Cool, right?

To begin sewing together we started in the top left corner. The strips are all sewn together diagonally. So in the corner there are three individual pieces – you sew the triangle piece to the square polka dot, then you sew that to the other triangle piece. You do that for each diagonal row until you have 6 strips. The pictures below shows me sewing two of the pieces from the second row together and then the first two diagnal strips completed.

Once all the strips are completed you start to sew those together, starting with the corner and working your way down. Here’s a photo showing the corner and second row pinned together ready to be sewn. You always sew right sides together.

I flipped the corner piece up to double check everything lined up.

To make things a little easier during this process we sewed the first three strips together, then started in the other corner to sew those three strips together. We ended up with two large pieces to sew together instead of continuously adding on to one growing piece. This made it much easier to manage. Here’s a shot of the three strips together and a closeup.

Voila! I was actually happy that most of my seams lined up. There were a few that were a little off, but unless you get your face right up in there you would never notice. Now, all that’s left is to add the corners.

Pinned and ready to go!

YAY! I finished!

I still can’t believe how much we’ve accomplished in just two classes (and one afternoon of homework). Sabrina and I were both in shock! In this week’s class we should finish the entire front 🙂 With Josh’s birthday festivities this weekend neither Sabrina or I got to our homework, so we’re gonna have to get that finished up by tonight. We just need to cut the rest of the fabric for the border. Here’s another look at the finished product.

I have a blue fabric that I’m using where you see green above. Hoping it works with everything so far – fingers crossed! –DP

Happy Birthday Josh!!

Today is my sweet hubby’s 30th birthday! I know he’s not too happy about leaving his twenties (weren’t we all), but it’s ok babe, it’s really not THAT bad – promise 🙂 I hope you have an amazing 30th year, you deserve it more than anyone I know. Thank you for loving me and always making me smile. You’re the best and I love you so so much. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Sweet Scrabble wedding invites!

For the last week or so I’ve been busy designing wedding invites for my good friends Brika & Justin. Their theme is “scrabble” as you can tell 🙂 I staged the board and took a few snaps- and with a little Photoshop & InDesign magic…Voila!

Invitation (front).

Invitation (back).

R.S.V.P postcard (front)

R.S.V.P (back)

“Stay” card (front).

“Stay” card (back).


Thursday Purse Day

Wow – three weeks in a row – woooo-hoooo!

So I ran across this bag on the Dreamy Whites blog a few weeks ago. I recently signed up for an online photography class so I’ve started toting my camera around with me more often, which can get a little bulky. I thought this was a cute solution to carrying a separate camera bag and purse.

The shop, Jeanne Oliver Designs, has some cute stuff. Check it out 🙂  –DP