Thursday Purse Day

I’ve been traveling all over the place the last two weeks and I WILL get all my pictures downloaded to share soon (especially P&M’s wedding). In the meantime, I thought I’d start a new habit to commit myself to post – and here is the debut of “Thursday Purse Day”. I know, so exciting, right? Since that was a pretty easy rhyme I’m sure there are a million places you can find such a topic, but since I love me some purses (and have way too many) I thought this might be a fun weekly post. And to kick things off we’ll start with my go to accessory of the summer – this hot pink beauty. Granted it’s a wristlet, but STILL, I’ve been using it as a purse the last few months. It’s too dang hot to schlep around a big ol’ bag in this Dallas heat, so this baby has been perfect. 

Isn’t she pretty?

While searching for a groom’s gift for the Mr. back in April, I popped into Coach figuring a “nice” wallet would do the trick. And how does a girl go in that store without coming out with a treat for herself. I mean c’mon, I needed my own little bride’s gift to moi!

Now, it looks like they don’t carry the exact one anymore, but here is a sister to mine. Highly recommend all you ladies go light in the summer…my shoulder has appreciated the break! And I promise, any future Thursday Purse Day posts (we’ll see if this idea sticks) won’t be my worn down collection – there are tons of goodies lurking out there on the web, and I’ll find my favorites to share. I know the anticipation is killing you. — DP

One Response to Thursday Purse Day

  1. bunchesofjoy says:

    I may or may not have the EXACT same one and LOVE it!

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