No formal dining here

The hubby and I are sadly more of a eat dinner in front of the TV couple, or sometimes at our kitchen table…casual dining is the theme here. The “dining room” in our house is quite small and we both agreed we’d rather turn the room into something useful instead of creating a formal dining space that would never see a fancy meal. After bouncing around a few ideas we decided to make it a hang out – slash – extra guest room. When my family was in town awhile back my parents got our bedroom and Mr. & Mrs. Bunches got our guest room, so Josh and I were sofa city baby. Our third bedroom is the “man cave” and our living room sectional is not a sleeper sofa, so those few nights were quite uncomfortable.

For a long time the “dining room” was a dumping zone while we unpacked, became wedding headquarters for a bit, and just overall a mess. Recently we decided to get our act in gear and make it something cozy so it was no longer an eye sore. We knew we wanted a sleeper sofa or futon so we could have that extra bed for when guests were in town. I found this futon couch that I loved, but didn’t love the price so much ($500 + for the frame AND mattress). In seeking out an inexpensive alternative, off to IKEA we went.  IKEA never disappoints. We found this guy with a much better price tag. Granted it’s not as pretty as the West Elm one, but it would do the trick and for a decent price.

In addition to the futon we figured a chair would be nice a nice touch. Nothing caught our eye at IKEA so we looked around a few other places until we found this one at World Market (and I think we got it on sale because I don’t remember spending that much). SOLD. We also wanted a side table for next to the futon and spotted this. SOLD. World Market rules. I already had a cabinet from C&B where I store my fancy platters, dishes, and vases, so that would fit nicely in the room as well. We also picked up a little TV since our “guests” may want to watch a movie while they relax on the futon.

So with all the main items on hand we set er’ up. Here’s the before shot (taken before we moved in). I had to take down that light fixture since it wouldn’t exactly work for our new plan. I sold it on Craigslist for $50 bucks, score!

And now, the after shots:

Overview shot with Mr. Brutus modeling for scale.

Left side with futon couch. All the pillows I’ve collected over time, from HomeGoods, World Market, PB Outlet, etc. I know it’s a little pillow heavy, but I like it 🙂 I’m thinking about painting this wall a bold color to give the room some pop, and then make it a gallery wall with photos, artwork, etc. Thoughts?

Cute chair 🙂

Other side of room…

Not too bad right? We like it. Another idea I’ve been bouncing around is to hang big velvet curtains to create a cozy look, and also to close off the room if we do have guests staying in there. Here’s a shot from the front door entryway so you can see what it looks like from a distance.


And this is the look I like courtesy of PB. Pretty right? I wish curtains weren’t so expensive 😦  Well, something to think about anyway. — DP

One Response to No formal dining here

  1. bunchesofjoy says:

    Just a few pillows, huh?! Jeez–you’ve got to edit a few down . . . at least enough so that you can actually sit down :). I love the post though–great pics too. And I love, love, love the curtain idea. Just find some cheap velvet somewhere and make them . . . although, will they get covered in Brutus and Lolo hair? Also, we’re definitely going to get those side tables once we’re moved–they’re perfect for our couch! Great find.

    I would suggest adding a pouf so that there’s something to put your feet up on in front of the couch. Maybe this one:

    And I love the gallery wall idea. Check out this one: or even this one:

    Also, what about putting in a funky chandelier? Is the ceiling high enough to accommodate one without hitting your head? Maybe something from Ikea?

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